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Wrongful Repossession

Know your rights.



Repossession is one of the most traumatic economic events that can happen to a family. Repossession often means loss of the car that a wage earner relies upon to get to work or that a parent needs for grocery shopping and doctor's appointments.  Repossession can even mean a family losing a manufactured home that they rely upon for shelter. We strive to help individuals and families avoid repossession and save them from economic catastrophe.

deficiency actions

A consumer may have a deficiency action filed against them when the creditor sells repossessed collateral for an amount inadequate to pay off both the loan and the creditor’s expenses. However, if the case is aggressively litigated, and if there was improper creditor or dealer conduct, the consumer may end up with a favorable settlement or recovery. 

If your personal property has been repossessed or you have already been hit with a deficiency action, contact our office for a free consultation.